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The organisation of the Purley Literary Society

The Society is run by a committee, and we are always looking for new members to join us.
Currently, the committee comprises:

Chairman:  Richard Walker

Programme Secretary:  Position vacant (Richard Walker is caretaker Prog Sec)

General Secretary:  Tony Pearson

Treasurer:  Bob Cherry

Membership Secretary:  Yvonne Walker

Committee Member:  Sarah Thomas

The committee is assisted in their work by a small number of noble volunteers.

Our volunteers help with:

The setting up of the hall, and the equipment for each meeting.
The serving of refreshments, bicuits and cake at Christmas and at our AGM.
Organising a raffle at Christmas.
Examining our accounts.

General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR May 2018)

Society members, and non-members who wish to be kept informed of our programme are known in GPDR terms as 'Data Subjects'. We keep their names and contact details on a small database, which is held by the Membership Secretary.
We do not pass this data to third parties, and use it solely for contacting people at renewal time, and where we hold an email address, for sending out reminders a few days before each meeting.
Data Subjects have the right at any time to ask to have their details removed from the database.
Otherwise, for those that fail to respond to any contacts, details are erased after three years.

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